Moving a Mountain

I have watched my eighteen year old son struggling with a situation for the better part of 2 years. Watched is not the appropriate word to describe everything he and I have attempted in the hope that he would see improvement…even just a hint of improvement. Doctors, counselors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, Reiki-the list is endless. There … More Moving a Mountain


So much has happened since the birth of this blog. Over the past eight months I have experience tremendous emotional healing. I began to live again. I have gotten married, moved 20 miles away, adopted the sweetest dog ever (Juniper), have invigorated my relationship with my teen/adult children, added two more kids to my family … More ACT II

Be Brave

That which is feared, is given life. You must extinguish your fears before you can move beyond. Fear is a prison holding you captive. Ironically, you don’t fully comprehend that it is merely self-imposed. You breathed it into existence and only you can destroy it. Fear is imagined. It is perhaps the most destructive lie … More Be Brave

Life is

I am a sucker for quotes. I can get lost for hours reading them. It’s as if all of the thoughts running through my mind are summed up in one sentence.