The Thief

Grief. No adjectives exist to do it justice.

It is the darkness on a windy, frigid winter night;

The slow-burning ache in my soul that refuses to be extinguished.

It pounces out of nowhere-a word, a song, a long forgotten memory-and I am overcome.

It is the gut-wrenching sobs that come from a place so deep, I’m afraid I may never crawl out.

It fills the silence; it becomes the silence

Love, joy and peace are unattainable without first experiencing grief.

Every “hello” is a “goodbye”

Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not for years but it will attack each and every one of us when least expected.

The great dilemma lies within this:

Is love worth the pain?

I can choose to close myself off from joy and emotions to spare the end result,

But then….what is left?

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