A Lie We Are Told

I’ve heard it say, “Time heals all wounds”.

What they don’t say out loud,

Is that a deep, raw scar will remain.

A scar that is so fragile, even bumping it ever so gently

Will open that wound back up.

Tears, regrets, and bittersweet memories will come flooding in

Like an unwelcomed, familiar friend.

Suddenly, it’s as if you are thrust back to day one.

After minutes, perhaps days, the scar begins to close back up.

Until next time.

You’ll spend your days guarding that scar,

And avoiding another equally painful one.

In the process, you will deprive yourself of joy, and peace.

You will live in fear.

Fear of abandonment, loss, and disappointment.

Months, then years will tick by until

You realize you’ve spent so much time protecting that scar,

That you have forgotten to live.

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