Sure-Minded Man

DSC_0161My youngest is an amazingly beautiful, talented, fifteen-year-old (As of 2 weeks ago). I am not just boasting when I say she is a wise soul whose words and music have helped me tremendously throughout the past year. She taught herself to play guitar, piano, ukulele and is now working on the bass guitar.

Below are the words to one of the first songs she wrote and shared with me. She won’t share the meaning behind the lyrics…no true artist will, according to her. It is open to interpretation. It was written shortly after Joe’s suicide. He was a father to her and their connection was other-worldly. She was the last person he wrote to, and the first person he came to after his death.


I met a sure-minded man down the street

the other night

he walked with a limp

and stumbled in the street light,

but he knew where he was going


I met a sure-hearted man at the park

the other night

he cried for the world

and prayed for a new life,

but he knew why he was going


I met a sure-handed man on the pier

the other night

his knuckles were bloody

and his eyes were bright,

but he knew how he was going


I met a shadow of a man in my dream

the other night

he spoke in a sharp tone 

and said without a doubt,

we never knew a single thing….



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