Advice on Life, From the Otherside

What follows are words of wisdom written by my, then 14-year-old, daughter on January 29th, 2016. She was having trouble sleeping and described what could only be a supernatural visit from her recently departed grandpa and Joe. Joe sat at her bedside as she leaned against her propped up pillows. No words were said but she instinctively put her hand out, palm-side up. Joe touched the center of her palm and she described what felt like pulses of energy flowing  from her hand through her body.

Immediately afterwards, she got out her phone and began to jot down these thoughts. She felt that they poured out of her without thought. I believe it was a gift from spirit. What a beautiful, peaceful world it would be if everyone lived this way!

  • Be creative, but logical.
  • Think positively, but realistically.
  • Learn from everything you can,  but remember optimism is just as valuable a trait.
  • Build relationships off of heart and soul, not expectations and the unimportant.
  • Know your boundaries but know your instincts can be powerful.
  • Always set goals and reach them regardless of the temporary feelings and obstacles all along the way.
  • A long journey finished happily is greater than none at all.
  • Forget the opinion of those who don’t understand, your opinion of yourself needs to be the most powerful of them all.
  • Always remember, it’s more important to give love with no question, even though it may rarely be returned, than to give hate with any reason.
  • No person should go without love, it is too great to go unmentioned.
  • Take every chance to experience life in every form, but don’t lose sight of yourself-your character is deeper than words.
  • Never doubt the importance of family, not always just the ones in your blood, but those who refuse to budge when you say you don’t need them. Those who’d give their lives for yours in a heartbeat, and you’d do the same. They often know what’s best, even if you don’t see it. Their love is the most beautiful and pure of them all.
  • Find a balance between creativity and simple facts.
  • Always have tact, but be real.
  • Earn respect, most importantly from yourself.
  • Value communication. Always aim to improve your own.
  • Your words are powerful, but your actions are even more impactful in others determining who you are. 
  • Miscommunication is common, yet greatly frustrating.
  • Value thinking before acting, except when your heart speaks louder.
  • Remember everything has consequences. Your decision is which ones you’re willing to take without a fight.
  • Be independent, but not for yourself.
  • Never give a reason for hate.
  • Express yourself through whatever it may be, but know each mind is of its own perception. This may be our greatest difference, but is never set in stone.
  • Although this may be true, never try to change someone. 
  • The only true change is one decided by oneself-you can only attempt to act as a beacon.
  • Always be careful with your intentions.
  • Give no thought to hold a grudge, you only give a reason to do the same.
  • Be your own example of what you want to see in the world.
  • Acknowledge both the good and bad, but fight so that the good means something far greater.

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