Be Brave

That which is feared, is given life. You must extinguish your fears before you can move beyond.

Fear is a prison holding you captive. Ironically, you don’t fully comprehend that it is merely self-imposed. You breathed it into existence and only you can destroy it.

Fear is imagined. It is perhaps the most destructive lie you are taught. It become ingrained into your soul from early childhood.

Fear prevents you from succeeding, trying new things, joyful living, satisfaction, and tranquility.

Once you understand that fear is NOT reality, you will soar. Give a name to your fear. Talk back to it. Vanquish it and do not look back at it. It will no longer be attached to you. You are free to experience life in all of its abundance and splendor.

The illusion of fear is a mirage. A game. A trick from the deceiver to prevent you from fulfilling your life’s purpose. Once you can fully see that it only exists in your mind, it loses all power over you.

Fear lies to you….it is the should nots, cannot’s, and I really should’s. It serves no purpose.

Regret is fear in the past tense. It is the fear about how your choices could have resulted in a more favorable outcome. Nothing that has been done, can be completely un-done.

Takes chances. Dream BIG! Your time on this planet is but the blink of an eye. In the end, the fears that held you hostage won’t matter. How you loved and lived will. Look forward. Love with abandon, especially yourself. Take every opportunity you get to watch the sunrise, listen to your loved one’s heartbeat, get down on the floor next to your child and feel the sheer joy of her¬†uncontrollable laughter, and smile back at the stranger you pass on the street.

Most of all, fling open your prison door and be brave.

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