Juniper, AKA, Junie, June Bug or Jupiter

So much has happened since the birth of this blog. Over the past eight months I have experience tremendous emotional healing.

I began to live again.

I have gotten married, moved 20 miles away, adopted the sweetest dog ever (Juniper), have invigorated my relationship with my teen/adult children, added two more kids to my family through marriage, rekindled friendships that I had been neglecting and, most recently, was affected by a massive lay-off at my job.

For six weeks I have been applying to jobs, interviewing and being turned down. Not exactly the best ego-booster!

While talking to two of my children last week, I made the statement that all I really feel like doing is writing but I don’t know where to start. My oldest, having just graduated with an English degree, said, “Mom, you’re over-thinking it. Just write something, anything every day”.

As I move forward with my passion for writing…and a shit-ton of useless information floating around my unemployed head, my blog will be resurrected.

You may still see a post here and there about loss and grief but for the most part it will be different. I will write each day about whatever I’ve been inspired to put down on (virtual) paper.

Tonight, I will just share a few pictures highlighting my recent journey.

My youngest son’s junior prom
Our wedding day
My oldest son’s college graduation
My adorable step-children!

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