For All Those Grieving

Recently, my children and I have had several discussions about energy. Not necessarily the type of energy that runs our electrical equipment, but in the end it all ties together.

The energy I’ve been pondering is the energy of life. The Chinese call it Qi and in Japanese tradition it is referred to as Ki.

It is the life energy that runs through every living being. On a deeper note, there is the concept of matter. Everything we see around us-humans, trees, chairs, cars, etc-is made up of matter vibrating at different levels. 

There are Youtube videos that visually explain this concept. In many of the videos there is a speaker with a flat container of sand placed on top. As the frequency changes, the sand miraculously forms different patterns and shapes. I highly recommend watching one or two. 

The first law of thermodynamics (or The Law of Conservation), states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. 

Stay with me…I have a point to this.

Setting aside inanimate objects for simplicity, all living things are composed of matter and energy. So, when a human or an animal dies the energy must continue on.

Where does it go? 

Often, I use the Law of Conservation with friends who believe that after we die, we cease to exist. We are buried or cremated and that’s the end.

I have had enough intangible experiences with those in the afterlife to know, without a doubt, that we continue to exist after our physical bodies die. I can share these events until I am blue in the face, but there is no “proof” to back them up. 

For those who are more scientific-minded, the Law of Conservation is more difficult to refute. 

The point of this posting is to share my belief, and potentially bring comfort to the grieving. Our loved ones who have passed over are still around. They exist on a different vibrational plane than earth so it is difficult to communicate with them. Yet, they are still very much a part of our daily lives.

Pay attention to the subtle signs they send. It takes a tremendous amount of effort on their part to make these happen. The ways they communicate are endless. It may be through dreams, songs that come on the radio, a cellphone that suddenly acts up, the cardinal that flies in front of your car, hearing him or her say something, catching a fleeting vision out of the corner of your eye, or those pennies that show up in the strangest places. 

Don’t doubt these signs. Celebrate them. It is their way of saying hello from beyond the veil. 

I have had too many of these signs to recall since Joe crossed over, but I will share a few that are etched in my mind.

The first one happened six weeks after Joe’s passing. We both loved to vacuum and would playfully argue over whose turn it was. I had been home alone for four days and decided it was time to vacuum and clean.  I finished vacuuming our bedroom and went out to the garage to sweep. I swept the garage floor until there wasn’t a speck of dust remaining.  That was quickly followed by a melt-down of epic proportions. I bawled and screamed at him in the middle of my garage.  I then looked down at my clean floor and saw three pennies. It brought a smile to my face. I then went inside to make my bed. There on the freshly vacuumed floor were three more pennies.

The other example happened a month later.  My nickname for Joe was Panda. Since he left, I will see panda bears (toys, pictures, or stuffed animals) when I am really missing him. This particular Sunday had been very tough. I went to a thrift store and had bought a Fisher-Price toy. It was a Noah’s Ark toy. There were some little toy animals hidden inside and the boat was taped shut so I wasn’t able to see what was included. That evening I removed the tape and began taking out the animals. There were pairs of lions, bears, giraffes, birds, polar bears, and a few others. Out of all the animals, only one was solo. It was a male panda bear….but no female. 

I could write for hours about other examples, but these are intangibles. For me, they kept me going when I thought life was hopeless. It was as if Joe was saying, “I see you and I still care”. 

For all those who are grieving, remember energy cannot be created or destroyed. Quiet your mind and observe. I promise that you will see or hear a sign.

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